David Lawrence Center

Naples, FL, US




Located in Naples, Florida, the David Lawrence Center  (DLC) is a not-for-profit, leading provider of behavioral health solutions dedicated to inspiring and creating life-changing wellness for every individual. I initially worked with DLC and Crossroads (addiction and recovery services) as their Marketing & Communications Manager and transitioned to a consulting role after relocating back to Colorado. With 66 treatment beds and over 9,000 clients served annually, my job was to ensure the marketing program was firing on all cylinders.

The greatest challenge was to ensure proper messaging to all stakeholders, from donors and referral sources to potential clients and the community at large. As a nonprofit organization, David Lawrence Center relies on the generosity of private donors, as well as funding from local, state and federal grants. Therefore, the marketing mix was even more multi-dimensional than usual. Marketing for any organization requires proper content and messaging be disseminated appropriately across all channels, including social media, website, email, print and digital advertising, and marketing collateral. This is a challenge in itself. However, utilizing these channels to communicate with the different audiences in the most effective way AND essentially speaking four different “languages” (donors, referral sources, potential clients, community) presented a unique and exacting undertaking.


Diligent Digital Marketing

I worked with David Lawrence Center to increase visibility and amplify the brand throughout the community. Designing and creating pamphlets, brochures and print ads for DLC’s various service offerings enabled me to utilized my graphic design and copywriting skills. In addition, I worked closely with the executive staff to update the website design to be more intuitive and user-friendly, improving navigability regardless of the market segment to which visitors might belong. As I consistently measured website performance, Google Analytics data indicated increased interaction (lower bounce rate) with the website compared to pre-redesign. Google Analytics and Google Ads data also indicated an average 15% increase in new (unique) users due to strategic use of social media, email marketing and Google Ad Grants (PPC strategy).

Amplified Automation and Supercharged Strategy

As ‘fundraising dollars collected’ was a key metric in measuring the success of digital marketing campaigns, I implemented the appropriate API integration into all PPC and email marketing campaigns in order to better track performance. The result? Better measurement through marketing automation AND increased donations through strategic content development.

From designing the organization’s annual executive report and quarterly newsletters to planning and executing community fundraising events and managing the website and email marketing initiatives, I am honored to have worked with this exceptional organization. An organization that has been restoring and rebuilding lives in its community for over 50 years.