William Raveis Real Estate

Naples, FL, US



As one of the leading real estate brokerages in southwest Florida, William Raveis Real Estate wanted to expand their brand’s presence. With an existing client base of delighted property owners, William Raveis wanted to better understand how to keep the brand in front of their target audiences. Their target audiences consisted of entertainment executives, celebrities, real estate developers, high net worth individuals, entrepreneurs and international investors. Therefore, word-of-mouth referrals from within these networks were a large source of business. However, they wanted to ensure they were using supplementary channels to continue building their client base and capturing as many leads as possible.


Know Your Audience

After assisting with prospect profiling and list development, we worked together to create strategic content and partnership development strategies. Understanding the client personas and examining previous interactions with the website and paid search ads were the foundation of developing improved strategies and campaigns. We crafted content for both traditional and digital marketing channels (copywriting) in a very methodical way. It was important to deliver their messaging in a way that would be understood by individuals from around the world, as a large part of their audience was from overseas and exploring investment and vacation properties in the US.

Seize Success

I conducted keyword research to identify an appropriate SEO/PPC strategy for their website content and paid search ads. In addition, we discovered and seized opportunities for affiliate marketing through the exploration of strategic partnerships, both nationally and internationally. The result: an increased click-thru-rates (CTR) and a substantially decreased cost-per-action (CPA) and customer acquisition cost (CAC) compared to previous campaigns.